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Podcast Redefiners
Podcast Redefiners


Russell Reynolds Associates
Call them changemakers. Call them rule breakers. We call them Redefiners. And in this provocative podcast, we explore how daring leaders from across industries ... More
Call them changemakers. Call them rule breakers. We call them Redefiners. And in this provocative podcast, we explore how daring leaders from across industries ... More

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  • The Art of Leading an Iconic Museum: A conversation with Max Hollein, Director of the Met
    What does youthful rebellion look like when you grow up in an artistic family? For Max Hollein it was going to business school. But he didn’t turn his back completely on his roots. Max quickly added a Masters Degree in art history to his Masters in business administration. A perfect combo for the now director and soon-to-be CEO, come July 2023, of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Max made a risky move earlier in his career by leaving the Guggenheim and New York to lead a prestigious but stumbling museum in Frankfurt. It paid off. Now, Max is entrusted with safeguarding and curating the Met’s 1.5 million cultural items while overseeing the museum's 80,000 square foot, $500 million expansion, all while first and foremost remaining a true lover of art.   In this episode of Redefiners, hear Max’s approach to ensuring one of the world’s most significant artistic institutions is truly sustainable in both the ecological and cultural sense. From brutal honesty at a job interview to hiding his playful side behind tailored suits, you’re not going to want to miss this conversation with Max Hollein.  To read our report, The New Philanthropists: The World is Changing, So Must Philanthropy as discussed by Katie Nivard, click here.  If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:   The Power of Art and The Art of Power with Henry Timms  Daring to Build a More Sustainable World with Kate Brandt and Sophia Mendelsohn  Unreasonable Hospitality: Will Guidara’s Recipe for Greatness 
  • Opening Hearts and Minds on Late Night News with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle
    Promptly at 11:00 pm every weekday, Stephanie Ruhle sets out to make the world better and smarter. The host of MSNBC’s The Eleventh Hour sheds light on the day's events for her millions of watchers. Stephanie believes building trust is a process, so she takes the slow and steady approach while forming relationships with her audience and her newsmaking guests.    In this episode of Redefiners, we'll hear how Stephanie spent years climbing the ladder to the top of Wall Street, only to bet it all on a move to broadcasting. With careful calculations, the risk paid off. She leads from the news desk as she does everything else, with grit, determination, and honesty. From living in the moment and believing in the power of love to wanting (but not quite getting) enough sleep, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.    Our report, In Leaders We Trust: How to Build and Inspire Trust, is introduced in this episode by Nicole Mai. For insights into building a thriving team through building trust, find the report here.      If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:   Lesley Stahl: 30 Minutes with a 60 Minutes TV Legend  Unreasonable Hospitality: Will Guidara’s Recipe for Greatness  Doubling Down on Double Standards: British Journalist Mary Ann Sieghart on closing The Authority Gap 
  • Doing Well by Doing Good: Feike Sijbesma, CEO Emeritus of Royal DSM, on the Power of Bold Change
    As a youngster struggling through grade school, it was hard to imagine Feike Sijbesma would go on to be the formidable leader he is today. But, after a slow start, Feike found success in school and life through hard work, determination, and a desire to make the world better. Feike left his mark in business by transforming Royal DSM (a multinational corporation with tens of thousands of employees) from a bulk chemicals company to a leader in nutrition, health and biosciences. Now, he’s leaving his mark on the world by bringing equity and food security to some of the poorest people on the planet.  In this episode of Redefiners, Feike shares how his admiration of Charles Darwin inspired his belief in the power of adaptability. From funerals for failed ideas to a belief in doing good in the world, don’t miss this conversation with Feike Sijbesma.   To read our report, How CEO Commitment Affects Sustainability Integration, as discussed by RRA Managing Director Sarah Galloway, click here.   If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:   Feeding the World and Protecting the Planet with Yara International CEO Svein Tore Holsether  Daring to Build a More Sustainable World with Kate Brandt and Sophia Mendelsohn  Leadership Reimagined: Transformation Tips from Jim Hagemann Snabe 
  • Leadership Lounge: How can you get on a board—and stay there?
    The board director role is one of the most coveted roles in business. But how do you land your first board seat? And what is life really like when you get there? We invited RRA leadership advisors Alvin Chiang and Anupama Puranik into the Leadership Lounge to share why a board role isn’t just something you should think about once you’ve already made it. Gone are the days when boards are only populated with ex-CEOs, CFOs or other senior leaders. As new issues emerge at breakneck speed—sustainability, DE&I, digital transformation, economic volatility, and geopolitical tensions—boards need diversity of thought more than ever before. Leaders who can help boards steer confidently into the unknown are now in high demand. As Alvin Chiang makes clear: Being a board director is no longer just about stopping the ship from sinking. It’s about making sure there’s a strategy for sailing your boat and crew from point A to point B. Tune in to discover more about what sets great board directors apart—and how to land your first board role (and stay there). 
  • Introducing ‘Redefiners: Leadership Lounge’
    The Leadership Lounge is a new Redefiners spin-off podcast providing real-world learnings on enduring leadership issues. Host Emma Combe, Board and CEO Advisor in the Russell Reynolds Associates London office, brings her expertise and insight to a range of topics including, how to secure your first board role, how to recover from failure, lessons on avoiding the pitfalls of new leadership, and how to really prepare for an executive interview. Emma puts listeners’ most pressing questions to RRA’s global team of leaders who are on the ground, every day, working with clients and gaining insights that you will not find on any other podcast. 

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About Redefiners

Call them changemakers. Call them rule breakers. We call them Redefiners. And in this provocative podcast, we explore how daring leaders from across industries and around the globe are redefining their organizations—and themselves—to create extraordinary impact in today’s rapidly changing world.

In each episode, Russell Reynolds Associates Leadership Advisor Hoda Tahouni and CEO Clarke Murphy host engaging, purposeful conversations with leaders in and out of the business world who share their insights and perspectives on how they lead, boldly. You’ll come away with fresh ideas and tangible takeaways on how you can redefine your own leadership trajectory – no matter where you are on your journey.   

Our Hosts:

Clarke Murphy 

Clarke Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates and serves on the Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he was the Global Leader of the firm's CEO/Board Services Practice.​ 

While at Russell Reynolds Associate​s, Clarke has conducted a number of significant projects in the industry, including Fortune 100 board searches and CEO successions. In addition, he has led notable searches in​​ the private equity industry including searches ​for the Carlyle Group and Warburg Pincus.

Nanaz Mohtashami

Nanaz Mohtashami is Managing Director at Russell Reynolds Associates, a core member of the firm’s Healthcare Sector, and leads the Medtech Practice in Europe. She devises global strategies for healthcare clients across devices, diagnostics, and pharma, as well as for private equity clients around the world. Nanaz focuses on leadership assignments at the executive and non-executive levels, tackling a wide array of senior talent issues such as succession, development, team effectiveness, and more. She is based in London but spends a significant amount of her time across Europe and the United States.

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