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About egoFM

Do you want to wake up with the latest hits from electro and r'n'b to have a great start? Listen to what your heart desires and turn on the popular station egoFM for the age group 25-34. The position no. 164 on our top list is currently occupied by egoFM. With a total of sixteen streams you are 24/7 and at all levels updated. No matter if information or music, egoFM provides you witheverything you need. All contents are provided in German.

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egoFM: Frequencies

Augsburg/Hotelturm 94.8 FM
Würzburg/Frankenwarte Telekom 95.8 FM
München/Blutenburgstr. 100.8 FM
Nürnberg / Telekom 103.6 FM
Regensburg 107.5 FM

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