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Car Talk

Podcast Car Talk
Podcast Car Talk

Car Talk


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  • #2157: Stop in the Name of Love
    Suzanne from San Diego always downshifts when coming to a traffic stop. Her husband David coasts in neutral with his foot on the brake. Will Tom and Ray declare one of them to be right and thus doom this marriage? Listen to today's show and find out.
  • #2156: Son of Oinga Boinga Boinga
    On a recent show, the boys had to figure out what could possibly be the source of a car noise that went 'Oinga, Boinga, Boinga'. No sooner do listeners leap to their aid with the answer than they are then confronted once again with an odd and perplexing car noise courteousy of Karen fr CO. They also help Dayton fr AZ and Matt fr AL realize that speedometers and temperature gauges are helpful but hardly necessary auto accoutrements
  • #2155: Shake Rattle and Roll
    As the boys near the date for their '3rd Annual Car Talk Sock Hop' Tamsen calls in from California with a VW Superbeetle that Shakes, Rattles and Rolls down the highway. Robin has a rotten exhaust, Debbie's Peugeot won't go, and Kirk wonders if the $19 alignments he's been getting regularly will eventually solve his Dodge's habit of heading for the ditch. All this and a new puzzler on today's show!
  • #2154: Being Right vs Being Married
    After several wives, Tommy came to the realization that within the spousal universe you can either be right or you can stay married. So when Warren fr IL called looking for help in settling a disagreement between him and his wife, the advice about the car was secondary to keeping the relationship in proper tune. That high-wire act, more calls and a new puzzler all on today's show.

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Car Talk

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