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Radio MK - Region Nord

Radio MK - Region Nord

Radio MK - Region Nord

Radio MK - Region Nord

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About Radio MK - Region Nord

Do you want to relax, sit back and switch off with pop? Radio MK - Region Nord, the station from radio NRW, offers you what your heart desires and is on top of the list of the age group 25-34. It is ranked no. 1094 on our top list from our listeners. Here the listeners are offered a lot with twelve streams. No matter if news or music, Radio MK provides you witheverything you need. It is presented in German.

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Radio MK - Region Nord: Frequencies

Meinerzhagen/Schwarzenberg 88.3 FM
Letmathe 90.8 FM
Altena 91.5 FM
Iserlohn/Seilerberg 92.5 FM
Balve 94.6 FM
Werdohl 97.2 FM
Plettenberg 99.5 FM
Lüdenscheid/Hohe Steinert 100.2 FM

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