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103.6 Radio Hamburg

103.6 Radio Hamburg

103.6 Radio Hamburg

103.6 Radio Hamburg

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About 103.6 Radio Hamburg

103.6 Radio Hamburg, the program of Radio Hamburg for young people, is dedicated to playing pop and is the most appealing among listeners between 25-34 year-olds. It is ranked no. 74 on our top list from our listeners. Here the listeners are provided with a lot with four podcasts and fourteen streams. No matter if information or music, on 103.6 Radio Hamburg you get an all inclusive package. It is presented in German.

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103.6 Radio Hamburg: Frequencies

Cuxhaven/Otterndorf 88.5 FM
Hamburg-Moorfleet 103.6 FM

103.6 Radio Hamburg: Podcasts in Family

103.6 Radio Hamburg: Stations in Family