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Android Police Podcast

Android Police Podcast

Podcast Android Police Podcast
Podcast Android Police Podcast

Android Police Podcast

Android Police is a source for the latest Android news, application and game reviews, upcoming phones and devices, tips tutorials & videos.
Android Police is a source for the latest Android news, application and game reviews, upcoming phones and devices, tips tutorials & videos.

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  • You Can't Make Compost Into an iPhone
    We are the trash compactor of tech podcasts this week at the Android Police podcast as we whistle past Stadia's headstone, wobble between Samsung and Qualcomm's big partnership with the Galaxy S23, graciously evaluate Apple's mini-show of the season, and then throw it all away in a compost bin, replete with expensive subscription service. This will be the most enjoyable dumpster fire of an hour you'll spend this week. Enjoy!04:41 | Vale StadiaWill Google Stadia be missed?Google's Stadia Controller Bluetooth upgrade tool has arrivedNvidia cranks up GeForce Now’s frame rate big time with new RTX 4080 tier23:38 | SamsoupSamsung Galaxy S23 phones could run this exclusive souped-up version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung's shifting focus in smartphone SoC development could spell the end of Exynos33:06 | At Home with AppleApple could have a home-first Google Pixel Tablet competitor in the worksApple announces a new full-size HomePod speaker47:49 | Dump ThisNest co-founder wants to help turn food waste into chicken feedFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • Marques Had To Microwave This Take
    Because it's pretty cold. But we'll get to that in due time. Also on this episode of the Android Police podcast, we round up our finds so far on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2, let the Galaxy S23 color us unsurprised, and tie it all up with a pretty bow from Nothing because the present ain't worth it. We have to pace ourselves; it's packed a show.04:13 | In Google31 new emoji hit Google Pixels with Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 can force-theme all icons on your home screenGoogle's upcoming eSIM tweaks put users in control, not carriersSkagen Falster Gen 6's long-awaited Wear OS 3 update took away as much as it gave23:20 | On SamsungThe Samsung Galaxy S23 series is just drowning in leaks, and we've got all the picsSamsung could revive the Galaxy S Fan Edition series43:18 | Anywhere [email protected] | Hot takes: No more budget phones. Just longer software support for flagships.Here's every Samsung device that will get 4 Android OS upgradesHow long will my Google Pixel get Android and security updates?OnePlus trumps Google with its new Android update schedule, but it's not perfectThe Nothing Phone 1 is finally heading to the US, sort ofFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0
  • ThinkPhone meets Pee Pebble
    Our Stephen Schenck and Taylor Kerns have been trapezing across Las Vegas as CES 2023 rolls along and they were kind enough to drop by the Android Police podcast for a few minutes to give some thoughts on what they've seen so far from the likes of Razer, Withings, Lenovo, and others. Plus, Ara and Will cover Pixel 7 shatterings and Android Auto matters. It's all on this first episode of the year!Apologies for the rough and choppy audio in the early portion — we had to take up our backup file for Stephen and Taylor's bytes.0:15 | CES, the showWithings U-Scan is a golden opportunity to smarten up your toilet with health insightsAcer debuts new Chromebox and all-in-one that's not actually all in one at CES 2023Get ready to live life on the Razer Edge, as this next-gen Android gaming handheld prepares to landThe Lenovo Tab Extreme combines the best of Apple and Samsung into one behemoth tabletThe super rugged Motorola ThinkPhone combines carbon fiber with your daily 9-to-5The best of CES 2023: Android Police’s awards for the big tech show21:15 | Back at the RanchAndroid Auto’s massive redesign is finally rolling out to everyoneSome Google Pixels are failing to connect to in-car Bluetooth after installing January's security patchThe Google Pixel 7's rear camera glass spontaneously shatters for someCarriers love the Google Pixel 7, and so do their subscribersFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @StephenSchenck @taylorkerns @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY...
  • This Episode is Presented in 4DX
    What do we use our technology to read, listen, and watch? Will and Daniel share their top picks across cinema and TV for what they ranked highly in 2022. It's Christmas — what else are you going to listen to? Happy holidays and we'll see you in a couple weeks to cap off CES.‎Will Sattelberg’s profile • LetterboxdAvatar: The Way of Water (2022) | ScreenRantSpider-Man: No Way Home (2021) | ScreenRantThe Fabelmans (2022) | ScreenRantTop Gun: Maverick (2022) | ScreenRantEverything Everywhere All at Once (2022) | ScreenRantNope (2022) | ScreenRantThe Batman (2022) | ScreenRantJackass Forever (2022) | ScreenRantConfess, Fletch | ScreenRantTar (2022) | ScreenRantAftersun (2022) | ScreenRantAndor (2022) | ScreenRantYellowjackets (2021) | ScreenRantStation Eleven Ending, Real Meaning & Book Changes Explained ( Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) | ScreenRantAtlanta (2016) | ScreenRantthe dropout | ScreenRantAbbott Elementary (2021) | ScreenRantThe White Lotus (2021) | ScreenRantThe Rehearsal (2022) | ScreenRantFind the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "
  • mELtdOwN
    This week, we can't help ourselves. A billionaire who's in way too deep with a $44 billion waste of time has once again proven that he can't handle a little heat from journalists. Will he get out of the kitchen anytime soon? Preferably without burning the house down? That plus our first look at what features Pixel phones might get this spring, our picks for the Best of 2022, and so much more! It's the Android Police podcast.04:15 | Where's Elon?Free Speech On Twitter Doesn’t Apply To Journalists Who Cover Elon Musk ( | QPR2 StartAll you need to know about what's new in Android 13 QPR2 Beta 123:09 | MedleyThe inevitable Moto ThinkPhone leaks with all the fake carbon fiber you'd expectMatter is rolling out to Android phones and the Google Home ecosystemGoogle Wallet lets you add digital IDs in beta, if you're lucky33:55 | Creme of the CropAndroid Police Awards 2022: our favorite phone, smartwatch, tablet, and moreExtracts:The search for the saddest punt in the world | Chart PartyMatter: Making the smart home a more connected, comfortable, and helpful place.Find the team on Twitter - @journeydan @AraWagco @Will_Sattelberg @PointJulesReach out to us - [email protected] - "18" and "34" by HOME licensed under CC BY 3.0

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Founded in 2010, Android Police is a source for the latest Android news, application and game reviews, upcoming phones and devices, tips and tutorials, and videos.

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