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Peaceloving Radio

Radio Peaceloving Radio

Peaceloving Radio

PEACELOVING RADIO is a powerfully anointed radio station.
PEACELOVING RADIO is a powerfully anointed radio station.
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About Peaceloving Radio

PROGRAM LINEUP MONDAY: Songs of Worship and Top 50 Christian Songs of the week. TUESDAY: African Worship and Praise Songs, Christian Instrumentals WEDNESDAY: Modern Worship and Praise Songs. THURSDAY: New Christian Hits. FRIDAY: Songs of Praise and Gospel RnB SATURDAY: Songs of Worship, Live Church Program, Songs of Praise and Reggae Gospel Songs, Gospel RnB SUNDAY: Traditional Hymns and Psalms, Modern Hymns, Live Church Program, Gospel Country and Piano Hymns *PASTOR DR. PAUL ENENCHE DAILY- 5:00AM(GMT)/12AM(EST)/9PM(PST) and 5:00PM(GMT)/12PM(EST)/9AM(PST).

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