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  • 18/10/21 - Attracting new butchers, Small abattoirs, Apple harvest
    Abattoirs and meat processing plants say they have around 1,500 vacancies, and the Government’s announcement of 800 6-month visas to allow butchers from abroad to work here is only a temporary solution. What will work in the longer term? Charlotte Smith talks to Simon Taylor from Surrey Hills Butchers, who's captain of the UK Butchery Team! In recent years, many small and medium sized abattoirs have closed and there are concerns more may follow. Gareth Barlow, himself a former slaughter man, reports on warnings that if more smaller meat-processing units are lost, there may be significant consequences for rural economies. And it’s harvest time in apple orchards across the country - but it's been a difficult year with weather and labour challenges. Presented by Charlotte Smith Produced for BBC Audio in Bristol by Heather Simons
  • 16/10/21 Temporary visas for foreign butchers, science in agriculture, huntsman found guilty of encouraging illegal fox hunting
    We hear reaction to the Government's solution to the current problems facing pig farmers: 6 month visas for foreign butchers. Farming unions had called for a 12 month 'Covid recovery visa' to allow more workers from abroad into jobs in the food supply chain, or for the Government to relax language rules for foreign butchers working here, but all that was rejected in favour of temporary visas. This week Radio 4 dedicated a day to the scientist. As part of that Anna Hill went to the Research Park in Norwich to hear about the latest in agri-science innovations. The National Trust and Forestry Commission say they are considering what to do with the bans on trail hunting on their land, following the conviction of the Director of the Master of Foxhounds Association for encouraging and assisting people to evade the ban on fox hunting. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Beatrice Fenton.
  • Young people in rural areas: outpriced and overlooked; bee foraging research, funeral barrow
    Young people in rural areas feel outpriced and overlooked, and it's having an impact on their mental health. That's the conclusion of a survey by the countryside charity the CPRE. It surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 25 in the countryside, and highlighted house prices, lousy public transport and poor connectivity as problems, all of which increase feelings of loneliness and isolation. Scientists at Royal Holloway College in Surrey have studied bees' waggle dances, which is how bees communicate where pollen can be found. They used them to work out how far a bee is prepared to go. We talk a lot about farms diversifications on the programme, from B&Bs to woodland burials, but a farm in the English midlands has looked back about 2,000 years for inspiration and built a bronze age style funeral barrow as an addition to their 70 acre livestock farm. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Beatrice Fenton.
  • 04/10/21 Fertiliser shortage threatens food security, English and Welsh wines
    There are warnings this morning that yields of crops from wheat to potatoes may be down next year because of a shortage of fertiliser. The Agricultural Industries Confederation, which represents companies supplying farmers, says it's down to the increase in gas prices. Farmers say they’re already having to pay more than double the price in the spring for fertiliser. The AIC say they have asked for an urgent meeting with government ministers about the situation, but have so far not been successful. English or Welsh wine - once dismissed as a joke, vineyards are now a growing part of British agriculture, producing award winning wines. In the last five years the area planted with vineyards has increased by 70% according to the industry. Presented by Charlotte Smith and produced by Beatrice Fenton.
  • 13/10/21 Fertiliser prices, pig industry crisis, cucumbers grown under ETFE
    Pig farmers say they're making progress with the Government to solve the backlog of animals - but will it happen soon enough? Carbon dioxide production is back on again after a deal was reached this week with the fertiliser manufacturer CF Industries - but it has meant a price rise for nitrogen fertiliser. And a radical new type of greenhouse is growing it's first crops. Presented by Anna Hill and produced by Beatrice Fenton.

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