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The Archers

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  • 27/09/2021
    Tracy struggles to keep her cool and Kirsty tries to make sense of the situation
  • 26/09/2021
    Lee feels out of control over the possibility of the presence of Rob. Kirsty begs him not to do anything stupid. While they look for a key to beef up security at the Beechwood house, the CCTV system alerts Lee. He rushes to catch the intruder, assuming it’s Rob. But Kirsty quickly realises it’s Blake, one of Philip’s former slaves. He’s in a sorry state but he insists he’s fine and explains he’s been waiting for Philip as he’s keen to work for him again. Brian requests more consultation from Stella on decisions about Home Farm and she replies with the same request. She quizzes Brian on who he thinks might take over the farm from him and he can’t provide a solid answer. Brian points out where Adam has gone wrong in the past but Stella thinks Adam was ahead of his time with his commitment to soil health; she’s seldom seen soil in better heart. Lee’s apologetic for attacking Blake when he saw him. Blake tells him not to worry about it. Blake questions Lee about who Rob is and why he would be hanging round, and then apologises for asking too many questions. Blake panics when Kirsty explains a police officer, Harrison, is coming over. Both Lee and Kirsty try to calm him but Blake won’t be pacified. He points out Philip told him to stay away from police, believing that the explosion at Grey Gables was his fault. So how can he talk to Harrison?
  • 23/09/2021
    Nervous about how Banjo’s sale will affect Alice, Brian and Jennifer offer her support, but Alice asserts she has to do this on her own. Shula expected Alice to arrive ready for one final ride on Banjo. Alice doesn’t think she deserves to. Shula assures her she’s doing the right thing and convinces Alice to give Banjo a proper farewell by taking him out. Later, Shula confides she’s still to regain her confidence with riding since the fall that broke her arm. Alice offers to take out some of the livelier horses for Shula. Out with Banjo Alice feels better than she’s done in ages. Joy pesters Tony while he fits a security camera to Helen and Lee’s house. She’s got the whole estate on high alert about the visiting stranger but assures Tony she’s not told anyone about Helen and Lee temporarily moving out. Brian relays the details of Chris’ drunken night in the Bull to Jennifer. Chris asked the whole pub to toast Cecil Jackson, the man with the smallest wallet and biggest marrow in Ambridge – Brian would have loved to have seen Cecil’s face! Jennifer reports that Chris was worried about losing his home, but Alice has reassured him. Alice tells her parents she’s going to help Shula out with exercising some of the horses. She also announces that she and Chris are getting divorced. Jennifer saw it coming, but Brian’s shocked and his thoughts quickly jump to the financial hit the divorce could cause Home Farm.
  • 22/09/2021
    Kenton and David arrange who’s doing what for the Harvest Supper at Brookfield. Jolene and Kenton will provide drinks and entertainment for the evening. David nominates Ruth in her absence to co-ordinate food contributions. The brothers muse over Ben’s new relationship with Beth Casey. Is her family planning an Archers takeover with her dad also dating Elizabeth, teases Kenton. Meanwhile, Tracy’s been in touch to ask if Chelsea can practice driving on Brookfield land. Kenton thinks David should say yes. Alice returns Martha to Chris and finds him badly hung over. Amy had given her a heads up so she didn’t come too early. She’s sympathetic about his suffering and relieved to know he’s not going to make a habit of drinking too much. Chris congratulates Alice on her progress with giving up alcohol and admits he’s really going to miss her now they’re no longer a couple. Alice assures worried Chris that The Nest is his for as long as he likes. Chris wishes her luck saying goodbye to Banjo tomorrow. After learning about the stranger on Beechwood, Helen’s already organised for them all to stay at Bridge Farm. She’s not taking any risks; it’s clear that Rob is back and intends to try to snatch Jack again. Later, Lee tries to calm Helen, who’s frustrated by the actions of the police. With the authorities not doing enough in her eyes, it’s down to Helen and Lee and the rest of the family to keep Henry and Jack safe.
  • 21/09/2021
    At the Bull Amy and Fallon catch up while Chris is at the bar. He arrives with their drinks. He’s been in the pub since finishing work, chatting with Cecil Jackson to pass the time. He tells Amy and Fallon that Alice isn’t moving back in with him because they’re no longer a couple. Later, when Fallon’s ready to call it a night, drunk Chris is disappointed. After helping a very drunk Chris home from the pub, Amy and Fallon wonder if it really is all over between Alice and Chris. Amy wishes they’d never agreed to carry on drinking with him. She thinks he’s holding in the hurt and pretending to be fine. They cringe at what Chris said to Cecil Jackson before Jolene asked Chris to leave; they hope he doesn’t remember. Lee confides to Tony Joy’s concerns about a stranger hanging around Beechwood. Lee’s found a footprint in a flowerbed in front of his and Helen’s house. Tony doesn’t think it’s much to go on and advises holding off telling Helen for now as it doesn’t take much to put her on edge. Later, Tony rings Lee to let him know that Johnny had also noticed something strange while on the estate. He saw the side gate of Helen and Lee’s house was open. The only answer can be that their house is being watched from the front and back. Lee’s adamant he has to tell Helen right away.

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