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The best radio stations for Ramadan

The fasting month of Ramadan is a particularly important time in the Muslim world, when people do without many things in order to focus more on the really essential things in life. In the period between sunrise and sunset, people fast during Ramadan. After sunset, many families celebrate the breaking of the fast together with friends and delicious meals.

Thus, Ramadan is a very special month for children as well, involving many deprivations but also a very special sense of connection. Since the days always get a little longer in the spring, meal times on the Ramadan calendar are a few minutes later from day to day.

Ramadan radio stations announce the times of breaking the fast

Today, fortunately, it is much easier to know the correct times for breaking the fast. There are smartphones and the Internet, Ramadan calendars that list the start of fasting and meal times quite accurately.

Another very convenient way to keep track is to listen to special Ramadan radio stations that announce the correct times for each region. Believers are guided by the respective local times for sunrise and sunset. And the radio stations design their programming to match Ramadan.

Some Ramadan radios broadcast popular nasheeds that are particularly appropriate for the month of fasting. Others broadcast more content about religious topics.

Ramadan, the time for family

For many Muslims, the month of fasting is a particularly enjoyable time of the year. The family first cooks together and then eats the prepared delicacies together after sunset. Eid at the end of the fasting month is, of course, a highlight for many.

But it also awakens memories of ancestors and the old homeland, and children love to stay awake longer. In this special atmosphere, children also learn about the meaning and background of Ramadan. The time of renunciation and reflection brings many people closer to the messages of the Koran.

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