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The new variety of radio on the web

Classic radio with its FM stations is a simple way for people to listen to music and get information. However, the variety of stations offered in the FM world is severely restricted due to the fact that the frequencies of the individual stations are not allowed to be too similar, as interferences may otherwise occur.

Therefore only a few radio stations in each region are available to listen to on FM radio and for many people the selection of programmes on offer is simply too small.

The internet doesn’t face this problem, and so a seemingly endless supply of web radio and live stream providers have emerged on the net. The spectrum ranges from web streams of known FM stations to independant internet radio stations and hobby projects.

Instead of FM frequencies, web radio stations have so-called stream-URLs, over which the particular programmes can be listened to on a smartphone or computer. However, these stream addresses are not particularly clearly arranged or memorable.

Unlike the set up of conventional radios, in principle, anyone can run their own radio station. This chance is taken by many music lovers to offer their own channel and something completely different from the traditional radio offering. But with so much on offer, how do you find the right station for you? provides the overview to make internet radio simple.

The free internet radio service from brings together more than 30,000 radio stations, online radios and podcasts on a single platform. Whether you want to listen to your favorite station from your hometown or go on the look out for stations worldwide, with you will find the right channel for you. This ensures that you’ll find a great deal of diversity on the radio.

With you can easily listen to well known stations where you are - whether it be in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia or elsewhere, find your new favorite station and podcasts with ease.

Stream new music and content from popular broadcasters from around the world including KCRW Music, .977 Today’s Hits, Martini in the Morning, Hot 108 Jamz, WQXR 105.9 FM, Gay FM, BBC, Triple J, ESPN Radio or CKNW AM 980 - all in one place on our website and app.

You can also filter and look through our offering of stations by language (English), city (New York City, Toronto, London, Sydney … ), genres (Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Alternative … ) or topic (Sports, Culture, News, Politics, Christmas … ).

So, you can listen to music at no charge and at the same time discover new artists from around the world. This service is free and completely available without registration.

Is it also possible to listen to internet radio over a cellular mobile network?

Ever since EDGE radio technology was introduced in 2003 the necessary data transmission rates have been available for radio use on the go. However, even better transmission rates are now available using UMTS, HSDPA and LTE standards.

How much data does internet radio use up?

Most internet radios transmit at a rate of 128 kbps (kilobits per second) in the format mp3. Aside from mp3, many stations alternatively use streams in the formats AAC and WMA, often the case for outright internet based radio stations. However, it is the kilobit rate rather than the format that is decisive when it comes to data usage. The higher the kilobit rate, the more data will be used.

As a rough rule of thumb you can expect internet radio stations with a 128 kbps transfer rate to use 1 MB of data for every minute of radio listened to. 1 hour of radio listening equates to just less than 60 MB of data used. If a radio station’s stream has a transfer rate of 96 kbps then the data use or traffic will amount to around 42 MB per hour of streaming.

If you have a monthly data allowance of 2 GB then you will be able to listen to around 2 full days worth of internet radio with it.

A radio station for every occasion

Web radio provides the perfect playground for DJs and radio producers to make really particular internet radio stations available worldwide, without listeners having to spend time searching for the right frequencies.

For example, there are more than 100 radio stations dedicated entirely to Christmas music. Beginning with stations only playing the finest Christmas songs from our childhood, from swinging oldies by Frank Sinatra or new classics by Robbie Williams, to the mega hits including Wham!’s "Last Christmas" and Chris Rea’s "Driving Home for Christmas".

Similarly, radio stations around the theme of the carnival can also be found. Here the best carnival hits from Mardi Gras, New Orleans or the hottest samba rhythms straight out of Rio are played out non-stop. Afterall, a proper carnival party doesn’t only need good costumes, but fitting music too. Of course the same applies for Halloween, for which we also have specialized stations to provide that gruesome atmosphere, whether it be with eerie music or with horrifying background sounds.

Valentine's Day is also celebrated worldwide. Although celebrations are of course conducted in a much quieter fashion, we still have an excellent selection of stations on offer for all frequencies of love: from tender romance to pure heartache. And what's more, the best love songs can also be played all year round.

In addition, those who are looking to host new years parties can pick from a whole range of house and techno stations featuring the best live DJ-sets to transform your living room into a dance floor for the occasion.

Some programs can only be found on web radio

Those of you who find conventional radio playlists too boring can take part in interactive voting on web radio stations such as I Love Radio to choose which song should play next. The station offers a variety of channels such as I Love Radio 2 Dance or the Bravo Charts, music requests and other opportunities to interact, promoting the listener to the position of program director.

A completely different program direction can be found on radio station, which completely avoids man-made music altogether. Instead, its playlist consists of birdsong alone. This one really is a stream that brings the beauty of nature onto the radio, although this time without the playlist and reference to which song is being played.

What are podcasts and how do they work?

Although podcasts weren’t invented by radio stations, podcasting has become an important tool used by radio stations to increase their audience. A podcast offers listeners a simple way of listening to audio content at any time.

Most podcasts consist of episodes that are published on a regular basis. At any one time listeners receive the most current edition of the respective podcast at the top of the list of episodes. This is taken care of by XML files provided by a website called RSS feeds. All sounds rather complicated? Don’t worry. not only has radio stations on offer, but also numerous podcasts that you can access and listen to directly via our website or on our app for smartphones without using up the memory of the phone itself.

The choice of podcasts on offer ranges from radio broadcasts such as those produced by the BBC or CNN to fan made Premier League or individual club produced content.

In the US, there are a number of interesting podcasts on offer, by celebrities such as the rapper and actor ICE-T, the filmmaker Kevin Smith and basketball legend Shaquile O'Neal. One podcast worth mentioning is Serial, which has become a real blockbuster in the US by breaking records one episode at a time. The series is about investigating real criminal cases.

How does work?

The product

In the office, at home or on the go - wherever you are, at all times, is your perfect companion and can be used over one of the following outlets:

  • The website:
    The website enables access to diverse radio stations over all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux … ) and browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari … ).

  • The app
    Over the app users can listen to their radio program on the road as usual. The app is available for iOS iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (version 3.15.81), Android smartphones and tablets (version 3.15.80), Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. You can also use the app on iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 as a radio alarm clock.

  • The advert-free alternative - PRIME:
    The PRIME app is available on Android and iOS devices and includes neither display nor video adverts and can be bought for the one off price of $2.99 or £2.29 in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

  • The classic alternative - CLASSIC:
    Perfect for iOS users with mobile devices fitted with operating systems older than iOS4, the classic app serves as the suitable alternative for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

What does offer?

Registration is not an absolute requirement for users on The free service offers you the following:

  • The ability to search for specific radio stations over our search bar.
  • An exciting selection of stations and recommendations:
    • The Top 100
    • Weekly station tips put together by our editors
    • Local stations from your area
    • Popular stations
    • Recommended stations
    • Stations most heard by our users
  • A filter to sort stations into genres or topic for those who want to listen to current news stories, classical music, reggae, rock, or hip hop or to find similar content within the chosen category.
  • The magazine, inspired by station recommendations, interviews and reports.
  • The monthly newsletter presents the best magazine articles and eye catching new radio stations.
  • The interactive world map enables the discovery of new radios from around the world.

Is free?

The free account

The free account offers the following benefits:

  • Simple log in with your email address, Facebook or Google+ account.
  • Saving radio stations, podcasts or songs as favorites to keep the content most important to you at your fingertips.
  • The free account synchronises your favorites to all devices.
  • Receive the perfect radio recommendations matching your listening habits.

How does finance itself? is a free service that is purely financed by the advertising revenue of its own platform. This service is also free for radio station owners, whose radio programs, which are also available in the apps, are subsequently made available to a large audience around the world.