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Hits 93 Toronto

Radio Hits 93 Toronto

Hits 93 Toronto

Canada’s Largest Radio Station
Canada’s Largest Radio Station
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About Hits 93 Toronto

Hits 93 Toronto is Canada's Biggest Radio Station, hosting hours of original content, with an emphasis on letting the music speak for itself. Hits 93 Toronto is proud to host #1DHour every day 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET, with numerous programs throughout the day that zero-in on different music genres, including Indie/Alternative and Pop/Top 40. Hits 93 Toronto's Schedule: 12 a.m.: Chillout 3 a.m.: Heyday 6 a.m.: Morning 9 a.m.: Anthems 12 p.m.: One Direction 1 p.m.: Late Brunch 4 p.m.: Ones to Watch 5 p.m.: You're New 8 p.m.: One Direction 9 p.m.: Our Little Secrets

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