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Brains On!

Podcast Brains On!
Podcast Brains On!

Brains On!


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  • The invention of trash
    A pair of ghost shoes visit Molly with a message: it's time to think about garbage. They predict that Molly will be visited by three visions of garbage, one from the past, one from the present and one from the future. Today, Producer Sanden Totten takes us on a time traveling journey to see how we started making all this trash in the first place. Plus: the Moment of Um answers the question: Are yawns contagious to animals? Next week, we'll be back with a look at the present and future of garbage. This episode was sponsored by: Mathnasium (
  • Take a deep breath: How does breathing work?
    Breathing is a really cool thing. We breathe automatically without thinking about it, but we can also control our breath and play with it. We'll learn how our lungs work and why our bodies need this air in the first place. We'll also hear from a singer and a free diver about how they've trained their breath to do remarkable things -- and how you can too! And we'll talk to a doctor about how deep breathing can help you feel less stressed and she'll teach us an exercise you can do whenever anxiety starts to creep up. Plus: Our Moment of Um answers the question: what is the smallest unit of measurement? This episode was sponsored by Mathnasium (
  • What does the giraffe say? Our animal mystery sound extravaganza!
    When one of our listeners wrote in with an animal sound mystery (What sound does a giraffe make?) we set out to find an answer. We came back with lots of other fascinating animal sounds, so we decided it was time for an all-animal mystery sound extravaganza! Open up your ears and get ready to play! Plus, our Moment of Um answers the question: Why do daddy long legs have such long legs? Our sponsors: Indeed ( KiwiCo (
  • Why do we lose teeth?
    Today we’re looking at a phenomenon that happens to all of us: losing our baby teeth and getting new ones! So how do our teeth grow in and what makes them fall out? Naturally, a group of wandering teeth helps us explain. We'll also find out why we have two sets of teeth in the first place. A chatty tooth travel agent will introduce us to all the different ways to send our baby teeth off in style and we'll play a game that will test your knowledge of animal teeth. Plus, the Moment of Um answers the question "Why do bees make a buzzing sound?" You can support Brains On at — there you can donate, join our free fan club, check out our merch or buy our book! This episode was sponsored by: Indeed ( Bobby Wonder podcast ( or subscribe to Bobby Wonder on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts)
  • What causes wildfires?
    A fire can be super useful or cozy or even magical. But it can also be dangerous -- and in the case of wildfires, if they burn long and hot enough, they can destroy ecosystems and send lots of harmful smoke into the air. In this episode, we're going to find out why wildfires are getting bigger and why wildfire season is lasting longer now. We'll learn how the tribes who've lived in what is now called Northern California managed the forests and kept fire in check for thousands of years, and how those practices are being used today. We'll hear from a friendly house about how to stay safe from smoke inside and find out how firefighters work to contain fires once they've started. Plus, our Moment of Um answers the question: Is the name of a letter considered a word?This episode is sponsored by Bobby Wonder, a podcast from GoKidGo. You can support Brains On at — there you can donate, join our free fan club, check out our merch or buy our book!

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