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NDR Info - Der satirische Wochenrückblick ndr info - der satirische wochenrückblick Hamburg, Germany / Podcast, Comedy, Politics
Politics can be real fun - particularly when Peter Zudeick satirises the behaviour and what the politicians have said every week. German language content.
R.SA - Mit Boettcher & Fischer - mit boettcher & fischer Leipzig, Germany / Mainstream, Oldies, Pop, Rock, Comedy, Music
R.SA – With Böttcher & Fischer is the radio station that offers all the legendary songs from the 60’s and 70’s, catchy records of the 80’s and the best of German music.
WDR 5 - Der satirische Wochenrückblick wdr 5 - der satirische wochenrückblick Cologne, Germany / Podcast, Comedy, Politics, Society
The political weekly show - unrespectful and appropriate for taking the Mickey. Unremorseful, unfair and unbelieveable.
GoonShowRadio goonshowradio United Kingdom / Comedy
This is a trial streaming radio station that streams various episodes of the Goon Show. Tune in and enjoy!
ffn-Comedy ffn-comedy Hanover, Germany / Mainstream, Pop, Comedy
Frühstyxradio and Radio FFN are the ones for comedy: everything that is fun starts with a "F". Come and listen now!
N-JOY - Die Pisa-Polizei n-joy - die pisa-polizei Hamburg, Germany / Podcast, Comedy
Podcast about a wise police sergeant from Pisa.