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Cinemix cinemix USA / Soundtrack, Culture, TV & Movies
Soundtracks and cinema scores ONLY!
FFH Soundtrack ffh soundtrack Bad Vilbel, Germany / Soundtrack
Experience favorite moments from you favorite movies one more time. The best film music with FFH Soundtrack.
GotRadio - Musical Magic gotradio - musical magic USA / Soundtrack, Swing
GotRadio online radio station: your music from Hollywood and Broadway.
Energy Soundtrack energy soundtrack Zurich, Switzerland / Soundtrack, TV & Movies, Music
Soundtrack radio station of energy Zürich station: finest film music
score-radio score-radio Wesseling, Germany / Chillout, Musical, Soundtrack, Games, TV & Movies
Score Radio plays music from movies, tv, musicals and games and offers news and specials hosted live by moderators. Cinema Music cinema music Moscow, Russia / Soundtrack, TV & Movies
An unforgettable musical experience! Finest film music and soundtracks brough to you by web radio.
Intergalactic FM 4 - The Dream Machine intergalactic fm 4 - the dream machine Netherlands / Ambient, Eclectic, Soundtrack, TV & Movies, Music
The dutch radio station gives you a funky selection of Ambient and Downtempo tunes combined with filmmusic.

Soundtracks, Symphonies & Star Wars - A guide to film music

Dirty Dancing, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean.. everyone knows these films. Even those who haven’t seen these films know their storylines, the characters or at least the names. More of less everyone knows the soundtrack from at least one of them. For those who don’t know Hans Zimmer or Howard Shore, and aren’t familiar with the London Symphony Orchestra can definitely still hum along to the Star Wars intro and can whistle along to the theme tune of Pirates of the Caribbean. Last but not least, who doesn’t like to chant along to Elton John’s “Can you feel the love tonight”?

Film music is setting the mood

Film music, also known as soundtracks, filmtracks or film scores, ties images and music together. Film music is either arranged out of already existing works or composed especially for the particular film. Through the music certain moods and emotions are manufactured to support or even to advance the story line: Neither can a sad scene be accompanied by a cheery pop song, nor do the dramatic sounds of composer Hans Zimmer fit at the happy end of Finding Nemo. The music can really have a calming effect, it can provide the right atmosphere, and can sometimes even frighten and startle. In some moments it can really unsettle the audience, and then in others it can make them laugh. The music can fabricate a whole range of feelings from warmth and confidence to the feeling of hatred.

From Adele’s “Skyfall” to Kristen Anderson-Lopez’s “Let It Go”, from Grand Budapest Hotel to Slumdog Millionaire - we all know these Oscar prize winners. In addition, oldfser Oscar songs such as “My Heart Will Go On” (1988) and “I Just Called to Say I Love You” (1985) are still popular to this day. Do you want to get inspired by similar soundtracks? On you can find a whole range of radio stations under the genrefilm music.