Soft Pop Radio

Stations with Genre Soft Pop

Joy FM Joy FM Istanbul, Turkey / Pop, Soft Pop, Love
Broadcasting from Istambul, Turkey, with the best in romantic, slow and quiet pop music tones.
NDR 2 Easy Sounds NDR 2 Easy Sounds Hamburg, Germany / Chillout, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Love
This NDR 2 web radio creates a cozy atmosphere for its audience by playing relaxing po and rock ballades, smooth jazz, chillout and new age music. Weinfranken, Germany / German Rock, Oldies, Soft Pop, Soft Rock
The 40+ radio: "Music was my first love...." Rock-Pop-R&B-Soul-Funk-Ska-Jazz-Swing-Deutschrock and greatest ballads from the last 30 years!
KIFradio Cool KIFradio Cool Paris, France / Soft Pop
Web radio to cool down your mind: soft sop, soft rock and soul. Relaxes your soul. Witten, Germany / Jazz, Soft Pop, Soul
A relaxing mix made out of mostly jazz, soul, swing, soft pop and some interesting german productions.
macjingle Heartbeat macjingle Heartbeat Vienna, Austria / Soft Pop
All the songs a loving heart desires - softrock and softpop internationally from Vienna.
Big R Radio - 101.6 Adult Warm Hits Big R Radio - 101.6 Adult Warm Hits Mill Creek, USA / Mainstream, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Music only
The online radio of Big R radio network playing soft pop and rock of the past decades.
Radio Public Santé - Détente Radio Public Santé - Détente Neuilly-sur-Seine, France / Easy Listening, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Health
Soft rock and pop, as well as adult contemporary, from France's public radio station Sante.
Nostalgie Slow de Légende Nostalgie Slow de Légende Paris, France / Oldies, Soft Pop
Unforgettable melodies and slow rhythms make the temperature rise at this radio station.
Radio Charivari Rosenheim Radio Charivari Rosenheim Rosenheim, Germany / Soft Pop, Soft Rock
Radio Charivari has the best musical mixture of Rock, Pop and 80s.
MC2 MC2 Milan, Italy / Chillout, Lounge, Soft Pop, Soft Rock
Unique and exclusive! MC2 discovers the sounds of Lounge, Nu-Jazz, Chillout, Nu-Soul, House, Deep House and sophisticated Pop.
Sky Radio Love Songs Sky Radio Love Songs Naarden, Netherlands / Soft Pop, Love
The internet radio station from the top dutch broadcaster Sky Radio with only the best love sounds from around the world.