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.977 - Today's Hits .977 - today's hits Orlando, USA / Mainstream, Pop, Rock, Music
The popular station from .977 with hits and chart-peakers. All the songs you need to keep up to date with the hottest hits!
WFMU - 91.1 FM wfmu - 91.1 fm East Orange, USA / Alternative, Eclectic, Rock, Music
WFMU radio station was named "Best Radio Station in the US" by the Rolling Stones magazine.
Studio Brussel studio brussel Brussels, Belgium / Mainstream, Pop, Rock
Studio Brussel broadcasting from Belgium.
born79 born79 Recklinghausen, Germany / Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock
Music for the rocking generation from '79! Rock, Metal, Grunge, Punk, Hardcore, Crossover, Alternative.
MDR JUMP Rock Channel mdr jump rock channel Halle (Saale), Germany / Alternative, Rock
Best Rock and Hard Rock songs of all time, inclusive the desired guitarsounds!
rheinhessenrocks rheinhessenrocks Germany / Rock
A broad rainbow of rock music: Fast, slow, with or without a beating, heavy on the guitars and well, simply ROCK.
Studio B Radio studio b radio Chicago, USA / Pop, R'n'B, Rock, Motown, Music
Variety of genres and music make this a fun Internet radio station. Featuring live DJ shows and much more. Broadcasting since 2000.
Telemedellin Radio telemedellin radio Medellín, Colombia / Talk, Pop, Urban, Rock, Culture
It is a local public content platform focused on the continued promotion of citizen participation.
Radio X London radio x london London, United Kingdom / Alternative, Indie, Pop, Rock, Music
Radio X London offers the best indie, alternative and rock music around featuring both classic sounds from Oasis & Blur and new music on the scene.
PURE ROCK RADIO pure rock radio Saskatoon, Canada / Hard Rock, 70s, 80s, Rock, Music
Bone-Crushing Metal, HardRock, Metalcore and classic HairBands! One of the longest running #mobile Metal stations on the planet!
Radio IRW radio irw Wirges, Germany / Eclectic, Pop, Rock, Schlager, Music
Willkommen beim Online Radio Sender Wirgeser Stadtradio aus Wirges im Westerwald!
Radio Jade radio jade Wilhelmshaven, Germany / Mainstream, Pop, Rock
Radio Jade is your local radio for Wilhemshaven offering information and news about the region Jadebusen.
Radio K radio k Bern, Switzerland / Pop, Rock, Top 40, Music
School radio from the 5th grade class in Wasen Village, Switzerland. The students plan and produce the entire show and surprise the listeners with a great mix.
Radio Laguna 93.7 FM radio laguna 93.7 fm Belgrade, Serbia / 80s, 90s, Pop, Rock, Music
Radio Laguna 93.7 FM: Best AC pop and rock music. The radio. The Music.
Radio Metal radio metal Lyon, France / Heavy Metal, Rock, Music
The place to be for those monster riffs - so get the devil's horns out and get ready to rock out!
Radio Mi Amigo 1 radio mi amigo 1 Torrevieja, Spain / Pop, Rock, Language, Music
Pop and rock on webradio Mi Amigo from Spain.
Radio Néo radio néo Paris, France / Chanson, Electro, Rock
Talent liberation radio station: unique new French talents!
Radio 32 radio 32 Solothurn, Switzerland / Mainstream, Pop, Rock
Radio 32 - the radio station for the Swiss midland with the hits from the 90's, 2000's and now.

The Best Rock Stations of All Time

It’s hard to name many other styles of music that are as diverse yet so popular amongst many people, young and old, as rock music. Rock music has cemented its place in the history of music since its inception in the 1960s, becoming multifaceted - without losing popularity along the way.

Although originally a mix of late 50s rock’n’roll, early 60s blues and beat music, the 60s saw the first exceptions to the rule: the “harmonic” Beatles on the one hand and the “rough” Rolling Stones on the other. Rock soon became more technically sophisticated thanks to British bands such as The Who, Led Zepplin and American artists such as Jimi Hendrix. Around the end of the decade many subgenres developed such as psychedelic rock, experimental rock, garage rock, krautrock, progressive rock and also the first glimpses of punk emerged. All the big names performed at the legendary festival Woodstock.

The division of subgenres progressed well in the 70s. Glamrock, with its androgynous stars found its way onto the big stage, capturing the minds of many. Above all others the hard rock and progressive rock subgenres grew the fastest with art rock not far behind. This rock scene was closely connected to the hippie scene, the two together protesting against the Vietnam War and against societal drawbacks of the time. However, one countermovement in particular came into prominence: The punk scene, a rebellious, distinctive expression of rock. As a result live music became commercial: Stadium rock emerged and tours turned into proper events. Even to this day part of the allure of rock music is the image of rock stars on the stage - on the smoke engulfed, theatrically lit, main stage covered with sweat, bear chested rockers standing between the drums, guitars and electric bass.

Rock in the 80s was dominated by pop metal and its ambassadors Bon Jovi, Europe, Queen, Yes, Simple Minds, U2, REM, Van Halen and the Scorpions among others. In addition, rock subgenres such as post-punk, new wave and synthpop developed further. Another development resulted due to rock’s growing transition towards pop as many rock fans sought refuge in heavy metal bands such Metallica, Iron Maiden or Motörhead, who became more associated with the term rock music in this period, flourishing and becoming more prominent on the music scene.

Find the right radio station for your mood on Want to listen to the best rock songs of recent decades from rock giants such as the AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division and Linkin Park? Or are you looking for something harder with guitar riffs by Metallica, Deep Purple and Aerosmith - or something even harder like heavy metal by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden? Perhaps you’re more into the rough punk chords of old and new punk rock bands - or the current ambassadors of indie rock or alternative rock music such as Mando Diao, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party or Imagine Dragons. Do you want to get into the niche of psychedelic rock or glam rock? Or would you prefer to drift away to soft rock sounds and ballads? Turn on the rock radio of your choice and drift through the variety of rock on offer on our platform!

The top ten of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" contains four Beatles albums: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" released in 1967, "Revolver" from 1966, "Rubber Soul" from 1965 and "The White Album" from 1968 - which is why they can be clearly marked out as the best band of all time.