Reggae Radio

Stations with Genre Reggae

ReGGae 141 ReGGae 141 New York City, USA / Reggae
Internet radio going back to find its roots in reggae, with new classics thrown in there, streamed from the Big Apple, New York!
Big Up Radio Dancehall Big Up Radio Dancehall Oakland, USA / Dancehall, Reggae, Music
Big Up Radio Dancehall - The finest dancehall grooves!
Sensimedia - Roots Reggae Sensimedia - Roots Reggae Los Angeles, USA / Reggae
Roots music at it's best. Broadcasted by GSensimedia Network from Los Angeles.
Sensimedia - Dancehall Reggae Sensimedia - Dancehall Reggae Los Angeles, USA / Reggae
Only the best of dancehall music at this web radio station.
Scratch Radio Scratch Radio Canada / Reggae, Ska
Online radio from Canada broadcasting Jamaican boogie music, steady rock, 60s ska, dub and reggae!
South Devon Sound South Devon Sound Blackawton, Great Britain / Dancehall, Dub, Jazz, Reggae, Community Radio
Online community radio station providing information on local events in South Hams and South Devon alongside great shows and music.
Syndicated Hip Hop RaDiO Syndicated Hip Hop RaDiO Chicago, USA / Hip Hop, Rap, Urban, Reggae, Music, DJ
Webradio With Live Show Hip Hop Rap Soul Funk Reggae Dancehall 24/7/365 And Request Live.
Tiare FM Tiare FM France / Mainstream, Reggae, Tropical
The Island sounds, Reggae and Tropical from the french speaking islands.

The Rastafari sound: Jah, Ganja, Bob Marley and the roots of reggae

Love, peace & unity! The 1960s, despite the social changes, were awash in relaxing vibes. Consequently, ska also slowed down and established an easygoing vibe, with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and traditional mento. The result was first mentioned by name in the song "Do the Reggay", by Toots and the Maytals. The first real reggae song came from veteran Lee "Scratch" Perry with "People Funny Boy". Later, Perry worked on a minimalist alternative to reggae and founded dubstep.

Jamaica not only shaped the beginning of reggae but also fulfilled its spiritual destiny. Bob Marley brought global awareness of the Rastafari movement and reggae, in the process becoming its permanent iconic figure. When he died in 1981, the future of this sunwashed but deceptively serious genre was uncertain. Reggae, however, proved adaptable and took off in new directions with dubstep, ragga, lovers' rock, dancehall and reggaeton. In the summer, festivals flourish to the beat of massive sound systems, the biggest of which are the Chiemsee Reggae Summer and Summerjam. The German reggae scene can hold its own internationally. Gentleman, Seeed and Peter Fox or Culcha Candela hold high the flag of green, yellow and black, and you can hear them at!