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.977 - Today's Hits .977 - today's hits Orlando, USA / Mainstream, Pop, Rock, Music
The popular station from .977 with hits and chart-peakers. All the songs you need to keep up to date with the hottest hits!
Gay FM gay fm Berlin, Germany / Dance, Pop, R'n'B, Gay
24/7 - music non-stop! Extraordinary playlists including pop, dance and r'n'b music. Weekly event updates so you can keep in the know..
Magic 105.4 magic 105.4 London, United Kingdom / Mainstream, Pop, Music
Magic 105.4 is London's most successful radio station with genuine hits, brand new songs, first class entertainment and one of the most popular morning shows.
The Vibe of Vegas the vibe of vegas Las Vegas, USA / Mainstream, Pop, R'n'B
The Sound of Las Vegas: Popstars, glamourous hits, glamour stars and the very best of entertainment.
Glee Radio glee radio Hollywood, USA / Hits, Mainstream, Pop, Music, TV & Movies
Glee Radio - Music and songs from the famous TV show!
1.FM - Absolute Top 40 1.fm - absolute top 40 Zug, Switzerland / Mainstream, Pop, Top 40, Charts
Absolute Top 40 airs the biggest, most current song releases without excluding top hits from recent times.
COOL fahrenheit 93 cool fahrenheit 93 Bangkok, Thailand / Asian Music, Pop
COOL fahrenheit 93 - The No.1 radio for Easy Listening Music freezes your mind!
Sky Radio NL sky radio nl Naarden, Netherlands / Mainstream, Pop, Music
The dutch top broadcaster with the best pop songs from the last decades and the best from todays charts.
Heart London heart london London, United Kingdom / Dance, Pop
Heart 106.2 FM from the heart of London. This station consists of pop music and hits with cool djs.
Capital FM London capital fm london London, United Kingdom / Mainstream, Pop, Top 40
London's No. 1 hit music station is Capital FM 95.8. The best hits are played here with a mixture of dance and pop.
Studio Brussel studio brussel Brussels, Belgium / Mainstream, Pop, Rock
Studio Brussel broadcasting from Belgium.
Big B Radio #Kpop Station big b radio #kpop station Seoul, South Korea / Asian Music, K-Pop, Pop, World, Music
The Hot Station for Asian Music with today's top K-Pop hits!
radio_nin64 radio_nin64 Germany / Pop
Pop music by Amy Macdonald, Coldplay, ABBA, The Beach Boys, Albert Hammond, James Blunt, Bonnie Tyler, Fernando Express and many more!
Radio Chat-Fire 2 radio chat-fire 2 Germany / Pop
The online radio for pop, soft rock and classic rock music.
70s Lite Hits - AddictedtoRadio.com 70s lite hits - addictedtoradio.com Plainfield, USA / 70s, Hits, Pop, Music
A unique niche for 70s music fans of the lighter side of the 70s pop hits. You’ll find this channel delivers just the right mix of those light 70s songs.
70s Pop Hits - AddictedtoRadio.com 70s pop hits - addictedtoradio.com Plainfield, USA / 70s, Pop, R'n'B, Rock, Music
All the upbeat, pop, rock, disco, R&B and one hit wonders of the decade on one channel.
80 EXITS 80 exits Barcelona, Spain / 70s, 80s, Pop, Top 40, Music, Music only
The Best Music Of Your Life. The Greatest Hits Of The 70s-80s-90s.
80s80s Bowie 80s80s bowie Hamburg, Germany / 80s, New Wave, Pop, Rock, Music
80s80s Bowie. The best of David Bowie – nonstop. On 80s80s – Real 80s Radio. Farewell, Spaceboy!
80s80s Prince 80s80s prince Hamburg, Germany / 80s, Pop
80s80s Prince. Listen and never forget: Prince's greatest hits non-stop. #whendovescry
80s By The Hour 80s by the hour New York City, USA / New Wave, 80s, Pop, Music
A great mix of all genres: Pop, New Wave, New Romantic, Dance.
80sChannel 80schannel Kaarst, Germany / 80s, 90s, Mainstream, Pop, Music
80s, 90s and pure Radio Hits onHit Station.fm Two!
80s Lite Hits - AddictedtoRadio.com 80s lite hits - addictedtoradio.com Plainfield, USA / 80s, New Wave, Pop, R'n'B, Music
A unique niche for 80s music fans of the lighter side of the 80s pop hits.
80s Pop Hits - AddictedtoRadio.com 80s pop hits - addictedtoradio.com Plainfield, USA / 80s, Pop, R'n'B, Rock, Music
All the upbeat, pop, rock, disco, R&B and one hit wonders of the decade on one channel.
80s Throwback Party 80s throwback party Kingston, Canada / New Wave, 80s, Pop, Music
This station brings the 80s party to your ear. Picture this - heavy synth beats, New Wave sounds, WHAM!, Duran, Flock, Fur, Bowie, Benatar & more!
88.6 Der Musiksender 88.6 der musiksender Vienna, Austria / Pop, Hits
88.6 radio station combines hits of the past three decades with musical rarities, news and regional snaps of weather and traffic.
89 HIT FM - HITMIX FM 89 hit fm - hitmix fm Munich, Germany / Dance, Oldies, Pop, Hits, Music
89 HIT FM - HITMIX FM: PARTYMUSIC of the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and more.

Pop Music - From The Beatles to Bieber

If you’re talking about pop, Michael Jackson also known as the King of Pop will come to mind. However, there were others too who made this genre what it is today. The unique sounds of the Beatles, Madonna, George Michael, Robbie Williams and Britney Spears have echoed through the generations. What would pop music be like without their catchy, harmonic and melodic songs to get everyone singing? But what exactly is pop? We take a look at its rise and impact to bring light to the darkness.

Pop, which is not synonymous with the term popular music, arose out of rock’n’roll, folk and beat music in the mid 50s USA. However, Elvis Presley is also counted as a pioneer of the pop culture. The complexity of the original music style largely disappeared. In its place, simple harmonicas and series’ of melodies easy to remember were introduced, giving the populace better access to this music. With its catchy melodies the new style of pop was especially well received by the younger generation.

The Beatles, who started their legendary career in the 60s, belong to the first and most popular group of bands that have made pop what it is today. With their guitar-driven music they not only provided inspiration for bands at the time but became a source of inspiration for generations of artists to come. Popular music of the 70s was especially shaped by the flower-power-movement and disco music. The US-American film Saturday Night Fever and its respective soundtrack rather spectacularly mirrored the pop-feeling of the 70s with pop hits from the Bee Gees and Kool & The Gang.

Since the 80s pop music has also inspired the adult audience - who could imagine the modern music scene without it? The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, remains unforgotten. His album, Thriller, is the most sold album of all time. His hits Billy Jean and Smooth Criminal epitomize pop from this decade. The same applies for Madonna who received the title of The Queen of Pop with her hits Like A Prayer and Like a Virgin, becoming the most successful female singer of the decade. Also worth mentioning is Whitney Houston and Prince whose hits Wanna Dance With Somebody and Purple Rain respectively have sung themselves into pop heaven. Meanwhile in Europe, pop artists Phil Collins, Billy Idol, Nena and Co. became musical sensations.

In the 90s one of the greatest changes in music history took place with the breakthrough of hip hop and r’n’b. Even popular music became heavily influenced by these two musical styles, seen, for example, in pop songs by Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Boys II Men and TLC. The end of the 90s marked the teen pop entrance on the international music scene. Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child and the Spice Girls, all from Great Britain, conquered the pop charts. Britney Spears stormed the charts with her hit "...Baby One More Time" and in doing so became arguably the most famous popstar at the time.

In the 2000s the triumph of teen pop continued. However, some boybands such as NSYNC couldn’t hold on to their popularity during the second half of the decade. Instead, many children's series’ stars such as Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez rose to the top of the sales charts. In addition, the strong influence of African American music remained evident. Rihanna, who frequently combined this style with Caribbean sounds, can now be considered one of the biggest pop stars of the last 20 years. The end of 2000s marked the arrival of a new wave of influential artists, all of whom have transformed the music scene up to the present day. Lady Gaga, for example, entered the stage in 2008 with her pop hit Just Dance, and livened up pop music by reintroducing key electronic elements, heard in her music, which can be listened to on the dedicated station, ABCD Lady Gaga.

Justin Bieber's debut single One Time came out a year later. The heart-throb, who was discovered by the equally successful singer Usher, triggered total mass hysteria one public appearance at a time. Also worth noting is the influence of various casting shows on the pop scene over the last 15 years, with shows having produced stars such as One Direction, Olly Murs (both X Factor) and Kelly Clarkson (American Idol).

So, what has this musical backstory taught us? Pop is not just pop. This type of music for the masses likes to combine various, current styles together. Although hard to pin down, the general consensus still recognizes two distinctive features of pop music: its electro-acoustic production and the distribution of this music through mass media. Its "triviality" together with the fact that it is the most lucrative branch of the music industry sometimes gives pop a bad name among critics. However, this hasn’t affected this genre’s popularity one bit. Everyone can relate to the lyrics in some way or another. Countless radio stations on radio.net address the issues of life, love and loss. The extensive collection of radios on offer demonstrates just how diverse this genre is, and that it continues to develop all the time. There will always be a Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift or a Justin Bieber taking the charts by storm.