Lounge Radio

Stations with Genre Lounge

Deep House Lounge deep house lounge Philadelphia, USA / Deep House, Electronica, House, Lounge, Music
An underground house and electronic dance music radio station / community.
Smoothjazz.com smoothjazz.com Monterey Bay, USA / Chillout, Jazz, Lounge
Since 1995 Smoothjazz.com has been broadcasting a great mix of jazz, R'n'B, pop and workd music. Fusion music for a global audience.
Groove Salad groove salad San Francisco, USA / Lounge
Groove Salad radio channel of SomFM radio station network serves delicious ambiet beats and groove tunes.
Drone Zone drone zone San Francisco, USA / Ambient, Electronica, Lounge
Atmospheric space music from Drone Zone and Soma FM.
Blue Marlin Ibiza blue marlin ibiza Ibiza, Spain / Chillout, Dance, Club, Lounge, DJ, Music
Tune in to Blue Marlin radio station for the sounds of Ibiza all day long.
90.9 Jazzy rádió 90.9 jazzy rádió Budapest, Hungary / Jazz, Lounge, Soul, Swing
The only Hungarian radio playing soul, swing, lounge and jazz beside smooth jazz hits.
Chillkyway.net chillkyway.net Munich, Germany / Chillout, Dub, Electronica, Lounge, Music
Chillkyway - a large spectrum in laidback electronic music with focus on DubTechno, Downtempo and Deephouse sounds for your Space Nights ...
CROOZE.fm crooze.fm Antwerp, Belgium / Chillout, Jazz, Lounge
The world's best mix of smooth jazz, lo-fi, R'n'B, soul, chill and lounge!
Dogglounge Radio dogglounge radio Minneapolis, USA / Deep House, House, Lounge
Deep & Soulful House on internet radio - a pure aural pleasure!
Chroma Lounge chroma lounge Athens, Greece / Chillout, Lounge, Music only, Music
ChromaRadio Lounge: Spreading the perfect chillout music with the best of Lounge.
cliqhop idm cliqhop idm San Francisco, USA / Electro, Lounge, Minimal, Music
Blips'n' Bleeps & Beats fuse intoIDM. Intelligent Dance Music for the fans of electronic beats and SomaFM.
Addict Radio Lounge addict radio lounge Paris, France / Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
Relax with the lounge stream from Addict Radio. Lounge, chill out, easy listening or down tempo.
Cafedelmar.FM cafedelmar.fm London, United Kingdom / Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge
Cafedelmar.fm, is an independent online chillout radio station which takes you on an epic journey through different genres of music
DELUXE LOUNGE RADIO deluxe lounge radio Landshut, Germany / Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
Deluxe Lounge web radio presents.... modern sounds for urban nomads. Always positiv, uplifting and bright music!
chillectro lounge chillectro lounge Berlin, Germany / Lounge, Chillout, Music
The best Lounge music around. Sit back and relax.
ANTENNE BAYERN - Chillout antenne bayern - chillout Ismaning, Germany / Chillout, Lounge, Music
This Internet radio station plays lounge, chillout and the best relaxing music around.
101.ru: Office Lounge 101.ru: office lounge Moscow, Russia / Lounge
Right kind of music for a relaxed working day with 101.ru online radio.
djr djr Konstanz, Germany / Lounge
The lounge radio station that takes an aproach at other genres ´like nu funk & house jazz, latin & balkan pop or afro and reggae.
BOOZIK lounge boozik lounge Paris, France / Ambient, Lounge
Boozik Lounge is pure relaxation with lounge and easy listening.
Deep Motion FM deep motion fm Montreal, Canada / Deep House, Electro, Lounge, Soul, Music
Deep Soulful House to Smooth Jazz, Soul And Lounge. Motion FM is the daily destination of eclectic music lovers from around the world.
Echoes.gr NetRadio echoes.gr netradio Thessaloniki, Greece / Ambient, Chillout, Electronica, Lounge
Echoes.gr radio creates a new echo - chillout, lounge and ambient. Feel good time!
Lush lush San Francisco, USA / Electro, Lounge, Soul
Smooth sounds gentle female voices, electronical influences on music, inspired by Lush and Soma FM.
ELIUM Undergroud elium undergroud France / Ambient, Lounge, Trance, Trip Hop, Music
Their is a whole world of music waiting to be discovered at Elium: latin, lounge and soul!
Lounge44 lounge44 Brussels, Belgium / Chillout, Deep House, Jazz, Lounge
Lounge44 - Selected music tracks from the styles : Lounge, Deep House, Chillout, Easy Listening, Ambient, NuJazz.
marieschall marieschall Vienna, Austria / Jazz, Lounge, Soul
Fine background music like jazz, soul, funk or mojo, giving away a lounge feeling to the room.
Janga Radio janga radio Rome, Italy / Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
Janga Radio is a independent, internet webradio, with a sophisticated and relaxing sound.
Echoes of Bluemars - Cryosleep echoes of bluemars - cryosleep New York City, USA / Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge, Music
Echoes of Bluemars - a tribute to Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler.
Echoes of Bluemars echoes of bluemars New York City, USA / Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge, Music
Echoes of Bluemars - a tribute to Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler.
ENERGY Lounge energy lounge Germany / Lounge
ENERGY's online radio for lounge and easy listening. Tune in and chill out!
ms2 ms2 Augsburg, Germany / Chillout, Lounge
Smooth, Lounge, Jazz & Chillout. From Incogntio over Schiller to Enigma. Wellness program for your ears, 24 hours a day.

Lounge - the background for an elevated experience

We don't mean "music for lobbies", but lounge music isn't that far removed from a dimmed room designed for relaxed conversation. The gentle, electronic flow of ambient, easy listening, trip hop, jazz and house music makes the everyday chatting, dreaming or working all the more pleasant. Casually understated rhythms aren't intended merely to provide a mellow, cocktail atmosphere. Whether it's a penthouse, patio, terrace, lounge, altbau, neubau, party or private hideaway, the sound is positive, uplifting and bright, creating an elegant soundscape that's oh so enchanting to the mind.

At the turn of the millennium, the music industry brought lounge onto the market in the form of compilations, with titles like "Just Lounge Ocean Drive", "Chill Tokyo" or "Chill Out Spring". Listening to this music makes it absolutely impossible to indulge the stress factors of daily life. We've made all the right stations available on radio.net, so you can relax whenever you'd like. These radio soundscapes will turn your world into an infinite lounge of languid, liquid colour.