Industrial Radio

Stations with Genre Industrial

XWAVE RADIO XWAVE RADIO USA / Electro, Indie, Industrial, Minimal
From EBM to Punk you can listen to any kind of music on this american radion channel.
These Darkest Emotions EBM Radio These Darkest Emotions EBM Radio Koksijde, Belgium / Gothic, Darkcore, Industrial, Electro, Music
Enter the world of hard pumping, dark, dancy EBM and electronic sounds with These Darkest Emotions Radio.
Vox Noctem Vox Noctem Ludwigshafen, Germany / Electro, Gothic, Industrial
The dark side of music is the star of webradio Vox Noctem.
Tormented Radio Tormented Radio USA / Gothic, Industrial
Since 1998 this online radio is broadcasting the dark side of music: Gothic, EBM, Synthpop and Industrial.
Shadows Radio - The Ritual Shadows Radio - The Ritual Tampa, USA / Industrial, Synthie Pop, Music
Only the finest selection of Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, and Darkwave music bands.
Radio Unart Radio Unart Dortmund, Germany / Electro, Industrial
The industrial and electro online radio.
Radio Schwarze Welle Radio Schwarze Welle Gelsenkirchen, Germany / Gothic, Industrial
Radio Schwarze Welle - the internet radio with the best of dark songs. Karlsruhe, Germany / Black Metal, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal
Laut.FM Nonpop offers absolutely no pop but genres likeIndustrial, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Minimal and Experimental. Germany / Electro, Gothic, Industrial, Heavy Metal
Gothic, Dark Wave, Neofolk, Industrial, Elektro, Metal and Medieval rule over this radio station with the obscure attitude of the dark scene.