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Gothic Radio

Stations with Genre Gothic

Darkradio Darkradio Germany / Gothic, Rock
The Dark Radio station plays everything from gothic to rock and punk music.
Dark Asylum Dark Asylum London, Great Britain / Darkcore, Gothic, Hardstyle, Industrial, Music
Dark Asylum industrial Radio plays all kinds of dark music and draws together all the strands of the dark alternative subcultures.
Black Demon Radio Black Demon Radio Germany / Gothic, Rock
Music from the dark side of the universe played by this radio station.
Digital Gunfire Digital Gunfire Wauwatosa, USA / Electro, Gothic, Industrial
Gloomy sounds from industrial to dark pop and gothic, all broadcasted from Wauwatosa, USA. A fest of dancing machines.
laut.fm/rockvibes laut.fm/rockvibes Schweinfurt, Germany / Gothic, Medieval, Oldies, Rock
Rock, Gothic, Middle ages: Rock music from the good ol' 70's until today's music, mainstream to exotics. Ballads, Gothic music, middle ages and NDH.
laut.fm/80er-zone laut.fm/80er-zone Vienna, Austria / 80s, Gothic
Pop, wave & underground from the 80's