Gothic Radio

Stations with Genre Gothic

RadioDextera radiodextera Balve, Germany / Gothic
GhostFace plays dark music from the other side: Gothic, Dark Wave or Industrial.
Radio Dunkle Welle radio dunkle welle Parsdorf, Germany / Gothic, Industrial
This radio plays the dark side of music: Gothic, EBM and Darkwave.
Radio.XES radio.xes Remscheid, Germany / Electro, Gothic
Radio XES - electro and gothic music.
promofabrik-radio promofabrik-radio Gießen, Germany / Gothic, Industrial, Heavy Metal
The official PromoFabrik radio station with the latest tracks from the EBM, Gothic, Industrial and Metal scenes.
radio-darkstar radio-darkstar Germany / Gothic
Radio Dark Star - Dark Gothic sounds dominate on this radio program.
rockvibes rockvibes Schweinfurt, Germany / Gothic, Medieval, Oldies, Rock
Rock, Gothic, Middle ages: Rock music from the good ol' 70's until today's music, mainstream to exotics. Ballads, Gothic music, middle ages and NDH.
schattenreich schattenreich Berlin, Germany / Gothic, Heavy Metal
Out of the routine and into the world of gothic and dark metal. From EBM over to darkwave to gothic rock!
schwarzeszene schwarzeszene Germany / Electro, Gothic, Industrial, Heavy Metal
Gothic, Dark Wave, Neofolk, Industrial, Elektro, Metal and Medieval rule over this radio station with the obscure attitude of the dark scene.
schwarzlauscher schwarzlauscher Ahaus, Germany / 80s, Gothic
Mrs. Paniks colorful mix from the 80's, sounds from the vault and NDW.
Radio Schwarze Welle radio schwarze welle Gelsenkirchen, Germany / Gothic, Industrial
Radio Schwarze Welle - the internet radio with the best of dark songs.
Rock Web Radio rock web radio Milan, Italy / Gothic, Rock, Heavy Metal, Music
The best of rock and metal music in one station. All the mainstream music and the underground.
Radio Thunder UK radio thunder uk Enfield, United Kingdom / Gothic, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Music
Playing Metal & Rock in all its forms 24/7 with New Album Tracks added each month from the latest releases to the Radio Playlist.
Hazzard of Darkness hazzard of darkness Berlin, Germany / Alternative, Electro, Gothic
Hazzard of darkness - the slightly different dark radio!
Digital Gunfire digital gunfire Wauwatosa, USA / Electro, Gothic, Industrial
Gloomy sounds from industrial to dark pop and gothic, all broadcasted from Wauwatosa, USA. A fest of dancing machines.
80er-zone 80er-zone Vienna, Austria / 80s, Gothic
Pop, wave & underground from the 80's
gothwritershome gothwritershome Remscheid, Germany / Gothic, Industrial
Gothic, Punk, Wave, IBM, Industrial & audio books with horror stories for some great entertaining hours.
dark-bites dark-bites Freiburg, Germany / Electro, Gothic
The web radio taking you for a ride through the worl od dark music - synthpop, futurepop, darkwave, EBM, electronic.