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Gothic Radio

Stations with Genre Gothic

Dark Asylum Dark Asylum London, Great Britain / Darkcore, Gothic, Hardstyle, Industrial, Music
Dark Asylum industrial Radio plays all kinds of dark music and draws together all the strands of the dark alternative subcultures.
Darkradio Darkradio Germany / Gothic, Rock
The Dark Radio station plays everything from gothic to rock and punk music.
Black Demon Radio Black Demon Radio Germany / Gothic, Rock
Music from the dark side of the universe played by this radio station.
Abnormally Dead Air Abnormally Dead Air Great Britain / Gothic, Electronica, Synthie Pop, Alternative, Music
Playing the darkest goth music available. New bands, Old bands and Unsigned bands. Something For Everygothy!
Acidic Infektion Internet Radio Acidic Infektion Internet Radio São Paulo, Brazil / Gothic, Industrial
The perfect radio web to listen to some good musics EBM, Industrial, harsh, Darkwave, Gothrock, Deathrock, Coldwave, electronic and more.
Hazzard of Darkness Hazzard of Darkness Berlin, Germany / Alternative, Electro, Gothic
Hazzard of darkness - the slightly different dark radio!
laut.fm/dj-falke laut.fm/dj-falke Euskirchen, Germany / Gothic, Pop, Rock
Rock, Gothic, Pop, Trance & todays Hit's.