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Experimental Radio

Stations with Genre Experimental

Resonance FM Resonance FM London, Great Britain / Alternative, Electronica, Experimental, Arts
Founded by a music band from London, Resonance FM offers an experemental alternative to mainstream.
HORROR THEATRE HORROR THEATRE Atlanta, USA / Experimental, Radio drama
HORROR THEATRE: Ghost stories, rare stories and much more awaits fans from the horror genre at this special internet radio jewel.
laut.fm/dead-radio laut.fm/dead-radio Gießen, Germany / Electronica, Experimental, Hip Hop, Rap
Dead Radio is a Webradio presented by Dead Magazine and plays progressive Hip-Hop, Rap and some kind of electronic music.
laut.fm/latriperie laut.fm/latriperie Switzerland / Experimental
Evelyn Künneke, Adolf Steimel, Benny de Weille, Hans Rehmstedt, Heinz Wehner, Horst Winter, Kurt Widmann, Michael Jary, Willy Berking and many more!
laut.fm/nonpop laut.fm/nonpop Karlsruhe, Germany / Black Metal, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal
Laut.FM Nonpop offers absolutely no pop but genres likeIndustrial, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Minimal and Experimental.
AFM AFM Auckland, New Zealand / Indie, Alternative, Electro, Experimental, Music
AFM broadcasts the amazing Audio Foundation MP3 library of NZ independent & adventurous music and sound, plus specialist shows and simulcast events.
Concertzender November Music Concertzender November Music Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical, Experimental
The dutch broadcaster Concertzender presents classical music from the 20th Century from the bigest 20th Century Music festival in the Netherlands.
NBT Music Radio NBT Music Radio Germany / Alternative, Britpop, Experimental, Music
NBT Music Radio play all sorts from old country music, Brit pop, experimental bubblegum, to soul and jazz and hard rock.. always alternative.
Nectarine Demoscene Radio Nectarine Demoscene Radio Poland / Experimental
The spaceship Nectarine moves with experimental sounds through spherical worlds. The new sounds are than broadcast to the universe through a web stream.
Radio Aporee Radio Aporee Great Britain / Experimental
Radio Aporee is a candid radio station for opera and experimental musical works alike, plus musical pieces for the Sound-Cartography-Project are played too.
Radiogantic Radiogantic Verdun, Canada / Experimental, Folk, Psy, Rock, Music
A mix of rock, folk-rock with a touch of psychedelic and experimental music. Tune in, turn on, space out.