Experimental Radio

Stations with Genre Experimental

Resonance FM Resonance FM London, Great Britain / Alternative, Electronica, Experimental, Arts
Founded by a music band from London, Resonance FM offers an experemental alternative to mainstream.
Concertzender November Music Concertzender November Music Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical, Experimental
The dutch broadcaster Concertzender presents classical music from the 20th Century from the bigest 20th Century Music festival in the Netherlands.
Nectarine Demoscene Radio Nectarine Demoscene Radio Poland / Experimental
The spaceship Nectarine moves with experimental sounds through spherical worlds. The new sounds are than broadcast to the universe through a web stream.
NBT Music Radio NBT Music Radio Germany / Alternative, Britpop, Experimental, Music
NBT Music Radio play all sorts from old country music, Brit pop, experimental bubblegum, to soul and jazz and hard rock.. always alternative.
laut.fm/dead-radio laut.fm/dead-radio Gießen, Germany / Electronica, Experimental, Hip Hop, Rap
Dead Radio is a Webradio presented by Dead Magazine and plays progressive Hip-Hop, Rap and some kind of electronic music.
laut.fm/latriperie laut.fm/latriperie Switzerland / Experimental
Evelyn Künneke, Adolf Steimel, Benny de Weille, Hans Rehmstedt, Heinz Wehner, Horst Winter, Kurt Widmann, Michael Jary, Willy Berking and many more!
laut.fm/nonpop laut.fm/nonpop Karlsruhe, Germany / Black Metal, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal
Laut.FM Nonpop offers absolutely no pop but genres likeIndustrial, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Neofolk, Minimal and Experimental.
Weirdsville - the silly side of Halloween Weirdsville - the silly side of Halloween USA / Eclectic, Experimental, Oldies
Your Halloween radio station with spooky music, great comedy and the greatest Hits to get you in the mood for the crazy days.
Radio Aporee Radio Aporee Great Britain / Experimental
Radio Aporee is a candid radio station for opera and experimental musical works alike, plus musical pieces for the Sound-Cartography-Project are played too.
Radio Boorime Radio Boorime St. Petersburg, Russia / 60s, Psy, Rock, Experimental, Music
Radio Boorime is a free neo-psychedelic streaming internet radio and is trying to create the ocean of psychedelic music.
Radiogantic Radiogantic Verdun, Canada / Experimental, Folk, Psy, Rock, Music
A mix of rock, folk-rock with a touch of psychedelic and experimental music. Tune in, turn on, space out.