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Stations with Genre Classical

Whisperings Solo Piano Radio whisperings solo piano radio Eugene, USA / Classical, Jazz, Music
Great piano-virtuosi and new talents of classical music and jazz, all on Radio Solo Piano.
Radio Swiss Classic radio swiss classic Bern, Switzerland / Classical
Classic music classics at the swiss radio station Swiss Classic.
Ancient FM ancient fm Kingsbridge, Canada / Classical, Folk, Medieval, Music
Early classics from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, streamed on this online radio station.
WNYC wnyc New York City, USA / Classical, Culture, Music, News and Talk
WNYC is one of New York's flagship public radio stations, broadcasting the finest programs from the region. Mozart Radio mozart radio London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music
Featuring the works of one of the most enduringly popular classical composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Concertzender Oude Muziek concertzender oude muziek Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical
The dutch broadcaster Concertzender presents in this Online radio station a professional selection of old classical music.
Concertzender Klassieke Muziek concertzender klassieke muziek Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical
The dutch broadcaster Concertzender presents classic music at its best!
Concertzender De Gehoorde Stilte concertzender de gehoorde stilte Amsterdam, Netherlands / Ambient, Classical
Ambient soothing classical music from the dutch broadcaster Concertzender transmitting from Amsterdam, NL.
Concertzender November Music concertzender november music Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical, Experimental
The dutch broadcaster Concertzender presents classical music from the 20th Century from the bigest 20th Century Music festival in the Netherlands.
Concertzender Gregoriaans concertzender gregoriaans Amsterdam, Netherlands / Christian Music, Classical, Gregorian Music
Gregorian singing and chours, presented by the dutch broadcaster Concertzenter.
Concertzender Raakvlakken concertzender raakvlakken Amsterdam, Netherlands / Classical
This internet radio stream from the dutch broadcaster Concertzender fills the gap (Raakvlakken) between classical and experimental music.
121 WebRadio - Jazz and Classical 121 webradio - jazz and classical Montpellier, France / Classical, Jazz
The other side of music - web radio 121 plays independent music away from the mainstream. This stream plays classical and jazz music.
Linn Classical linn classical Glasgow, United Kingdom / Classical
The Linn Classical radio station collects and celebrates award winning musical pieces by the label Linn Records to share with the web.
Bartok Radio bartok radio Budapest, Hungary / Classical, Jazz
MR3 Bartók Rádió is the radio station in Budapest, Hungary for classical music. In addition, one can hear jazz music and news here in Hungarian. Classical One classical one London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music brings classical music to the radio. Beethoven One beethoven one London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music brings classical music to your radio. This station focuses Mozart's piano music. Mozart Piano mozart piano London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music brings classical music to your radio. This station focuses Mozart's piano music. Mozart Symphony mozart symphony London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music brings classical music to your radio. This station focuses on Mozarts symphonies. Bach One bach one London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music brings classical music to your radio. This channel focuses on Bach.
Klassik Radio klassik radio Hamburg, Germany / Classical, Music, Culture
The most beautiful sounds from the world of classical music. Well-mannered DJs lead the sophisticated programme from Klassik Radio. Osnabrück, Germany / Classical, Music
Discover the most popular and the lesser known of today's music.
Instrumentals Forever instrumentals forever Affligem, Belgium / Big Band, Classical, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Music
The greatest orchestras, bigbands and instrumentalists non-stop on Instrumentals Forever.
CALM RADIO - Girolamo Frescobaldi calm radio - girolamo frescobaldi Market Weighton, Canada / Classical, News
A radio station dedicated to playing the most famous compositions of Late Renaissance & Early Baroque composer Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643). Frescobaldi frescobaldi London, United Kingdom / Classical, Music
Featuring the most prominent works of late Renaissance and early Baroque, Italian composer, Girolamo Frescobaldi.

Classical Music - from Choir-Stalls to Concert Halls

Classical music has enchanted listeners for many hundreds of years and to this day has a significant music following. Its highpoint was in the 18th century in Vienna when famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven und Joseph Haydn accomplished masterful symphonies, piano concertos and orchestral works. However, the classical repertoire encompasses much more than that. Moving Italian operas from Verdi and Puccini played with the hearts of classical lovers.

Where did it all come from?

Believe it or not, music from the medieval Era (500-1400), including religious gregorian music, is the early ancestor of classical music as it is known it today. The early church controlled this music style by introducing particular rules regarding melody and rhythm. Ancient FM captures the simple, ordered and pleasant sound of this formation period.

Moving swiftly on we reach the baroque era (1600-1760), witnessing the development of several musical genres, which inspired composers for centuries to come. This period saw the birth of the orchestra, opera, the concerto, sonata and more! Weird (some more than others) and wonderful instruments were developed and used, including the hurdy-gurdy, harpsichord, bass violin and baroque guitar. The intricate sound of a whole host of composers, including Arcangelo Corelli, Claudio Monteverdi, Henry Purcell, Jean-Philippe Rameau, François Couperin, Alessandro Scarlatti and Domenico Scarlatti (the list goes on!), played a larger role in public and private life as music was not only played within church circles but also featured at dinner parties or at wealthy households where the style Tafelmusik, meaning table music, grew in popularity - Georg Philipp Telemann is most associated with this style. Music for the individual was becoming music for the masses. Get a real feel for it all with RadioTunes - Baroque Period.

Who are the most famous composers from this time period?

The main culprits behind the outburst mentioned above are household names Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Frideric Handel and Antonio Vivaldi. These artists spearheaded the shift from the baroque era to the classical era (1730-1820), pushing the established boundries with new hamonies and complex melodic lines. Classical composers Joseph Haydn, largely responsible for developing the string quartet into its current form, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who developed and popularised the piano concerto, in particular were, and continue to be highly regarded due to their popular style typically based around symmetry and their use of the sonata form compositional structure, influencing Western art music for years to come.

Which classical stations can we recommend?

From preludes to the postmodern, sonatas to symphonies, classical radio stations Linn Classical, WQXR 105.9 FM and Classic FM can take over from here to give life to the written history and eras above and to celebrate this genre in all its variations, recognising and giving thanks to those who helped make it what it is to this day.