Alternative Radio

Stations with Genre Alternative

KCRW Music kcrw music Santa Monica, USA / Alternative, Eclectic, Electro, Music
Online radio station from the US west coast that is simply cult, with a taste for romantic music and radio itself.
WFMU - 91.1 FM wfmu - 91.1 fm East Orange, USA / Alternative, Eclectic, Rock, Music
WFMU radio station was named "Best Radio Station in the US" by the Rolling Stones magazine.
Radio Paradise radio paradise Paradise, USA / Alternative, Eclectic, Folk, Indie
Eclectical stylemixture: Contemporary with classic rock, world and electronic, inbetween a bit of classical musix and on top a bit of jazz.
Resonance FM resonance fm London, United Kingdom / Alternative, Talk, Arts, Culture, Music
Founded by a music band from London, Resonance FM offers an experemental alternative to mainstream.
MDR JUMP Rock Channel mdr jump rock channel Halle (Saale), Germany / Alternative, Rock
Best Rock and Hard Rock songs of all time, inclusive the desired guitarsounds!
CYBERSTORMRADIO cyberstormradio Parsippany, USA / Alternative, Indie, Rock, Music features the newest rock from modern, alternative and indie rock artists.
Cremonia Radio cremonia radio Reggio Emilia, Italy / Alternative, Club, Disco, Pop
Italian and international songs of the 70s and 80s.
Dinamo 103.8 dinamo 103.8 Istanbul, Turkey / Alternative, Electro
Istanbuls first adress for a tasty and excellent playlist offering electronic, alternative and urban vibes.
DKFM Shoegaze Radio dkfm shoegaze radio Clovis CA, USA / Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock, Music
Shoegaze and dream pop, classics and best new artists, from the world's most listened-to shoegaze and dream pop station.
Christlike Radio Remix Alternative christlike radio remix alternative Maricopa, USA / Christian Music, Christian Contemporary, Alternative, Religion, Music
A classic collection of christian contemporary music and christian alternative hits presented by Elevated Gospel Network.
ChuckU RockU chucku rocku Charleston, USA / Alternative, Hard Rock, Metalcore, Rock
ChuckU RockU: This is a very heavy hard rocking station, with a light sprinkle of alternative rock. Playing songs from the 90′s to today and beyond.
joachim joachim Germany / Alternative
Alternative! From well known to unknown musicians!
farsideradio farsideradio Germany / Alternative, Indie
Good music by Nephew, Kimya Dawson, Bloc Party, Ben Folds, Franz Ferdinand, The Ting Tings, Nirvana, The Distillers, Skindred, Kasabian an many more!
FCS Radio fcs radio Franklin, USA / Indie, Alternative, Rock, Comedy, Music
Eclectic radio on the web. Playing Indie, Alternative, and Classic Rock, with a little of everything inbetween.
Genius Hip-Hop genius hip-hop Dearborn, USA / Urban, Hip Hop, Alternative, Rap, Music
Genius hip-hop: intelligent rap, progressive lyrics, food for the mind & the soul. Positive, political, socially conscious rap music.
Indie 97.9 indie 97.9 Baltimore, USA / Alternative, Britpop, Indie, Punk
Indie 97.9 - Everything from Post Punk, to early alternative, Britpop, Punk, as well the whole spectrum of latest alternative and Indie Rock
Indie Imagination Radio indie imagination radio Groningen, Netherlands / Indie, Alternative, Britpop, Ska
This station plays music from the '70s to the present, including indie, britpop, alternative and to a lesser extent new wave, shoegaze, ska and (post)-punk.
indieselect indieselect Lüneburg, Germany / Alternative, Indie
The entire variety from good independent music! From pop to electronica! Play it loud!