Stations from Canada

Ancient FM ancient fm Kingsbridge, Canada / Classical, Folk, Medieval, Music
Early classics from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, streamed on this online radio station.
CALM RADIO - Sergei Rachmaninoff calm radio - sergei rachmaninoff Markham, Canada / Piano Music, Classical, Music
A radio station collection of the finest music from Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943).
CALM RADIO - Antonio Vivaldi calm radio - antonio vivaldi Markkleeberg, Canada / Classical, Music only
A radio station gathering and playing the most famous musical works of Italian Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741).
CALM RADIO - Bossa Nova calm radio - bossa nova Markham, Canada / Bossa Nova, Latin, Music
The best of Bossa nova! Classic sounds from this genre of Brazilian music can be found on this specially made Bossa nova station.
CALM RADIO - Chopin calm radio - chopin Markham, Canada / Classical, Piano Music, Music
Featuring the most famous works of composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era, Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849).
CALM RADIO - Classical Guitar calm radio - classical guitar Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
A collection of the finest classical guitar music around.
CALM RADIO - Classical Piano calm radio - classical piano Markham, Canada / Piano Music, Music
Pure piano! Enjoy this collection of classical piano music classics all day long.
CALM RADIO - Concertos calm radio - concertos Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
Experience the concerto with this dedicated CALM RADIO station.
CALM RADIO - Country Now calm radio - country now Markham, Canada / Country, Music
A collection of all the most recent country classics on this dedicated CALM RADIO station!
CALM RADIO - Elite Artists calm radio - elite artists Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
A mix of piano and guitar, contemporary and new age, artists..
CALM RADIO - Eric Harry & Friends calm radio - eric harry & friends Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
A collection of the favourite music from CALM RADIO Founder Eric Harry & Friends.
CALM RADIO - Debussy calm radio - debussy Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
Celebrating the musical creations of French composer Claude Debussy (1862-1918), a prominent figure associated with Impressionist music.
CALM RADIO - Folk calm radio - folk Markham, Canada / Folk, Music
A station dedicated to playing Folk fan favorites!
CALM RADIO - Francis Poulenc calm radio - francis poulenc Market Weighton, Canada / Piano Music, Classical, News
A collection of the most notable works by French composer and pianist, Francis Poulenc (1899-1963).
CALM RADIO - Giuseppe Verdi calm radio - giuseppe verdi Markham, Canada / Opera, Music
The best of Italian Romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) played non-stop around the clock.
CALM RADIO - Healing calm radio - healing Markham, Canada / Chillout, Music
Relax and recover to full strength with CALM RADIO Healing playing material from artists including Dean Evenson, Deuter, Michael Demaria, and more..
CALM RADIO - Gustav Mahler calm radio - gustav mahler Market Weighton, Canada / Classical, News
A station celebrating the most famous works of Austrian late-Romantic composer, Gustav Mahler.
CALM RADIO - Just Jazz calm radio - just jazz Markham, Canada / Jazz, Music
A custom made radio station dedicated to playing the best of Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald,Louis Armstrong, and much more!
CALM RADIO - Lounge calm radio - lounge Markham, Canada / Chillout, Lounge, Music
A collection of Chillout and Lounge music from CALM RADIO.
CALM RADIO - Native calm radio - native Markham, Canada / World, Music
Music from wonderful North American native artists.
CALM RADIO - Maurice Ravel calm radio - maurice ravel Markham, Canada / Jazz, Classical, Baroque, Music
Gathering the most celebrated works of French composer, pianist and conductor, Maurice Ravel.
CALM RADIO - Orient calm radio - orient Markham, Canada / Oriental, World, Music
The sound of the Orient captured by this dedicated radio station!
CALM RADIO - Opera calm radio - opera Markham, Canada / Opera, Music
Opera time! This station is custom made to play the best operatic works ever made.
CALM RADIO - Positivity calm radio - positivity Markham, Canada / Chillout, Music
Boost! Feel good, positive thinking, encouraging sounds from CALM RADIO Positivity!
CALM RADIO - Salsa calm radio - salsa Markham, Canada / Salsa, Music
Salsa time! Enjoy this fusion of Cuban and Puerto Rican musical styles on this ready made station.
CALM RADIO - Reiki calm radio - reiki Markham, Canada / Chillout, Music
Pure Reiki, the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.
CALM RADIO - Solo Guitar calm radio - solo guitar Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
The best most complete mix of solo guitar classics!
CALM RADIO - Smooth Jazz calm radio - smooth jazz Markham, Canada / Jazz, Music
Sit back and relax with the smoothest of Jazz tunes, collected and played by this dedicated radio station!
CALM RADIO - Spa calm radio - spa Markham, Canada / Chillout, Music
Recreate that meditative spa-like atmosphere with the natural, relaxing sounds of CALM RADIO Spa.
CALM RADIO - Wagner calm radio - wagner Markkleeberg, Canada / Classical, Music only
Dedicated station to the best works of nineteenth century, German composer, Wagner.
CALM RADIO - Trumpet calm radio - trumpet Markham, Canada / Instrumental, Music
Enjoy this specially created radio station capturing the best Trumpet sounds around.
CALM RADIO - Yo-Yo Ma calm radio - yo-yo ma Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
Celebrating the works of prolific, French born, American cellist Yo-Yo Ma (1955-).
CALM RADIO - Flute calm radio - flute Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
Find new Flute favorites with this dedicated radio station from CALM RADIO.
CALM RADIO - Latin Jazz calm radio - latin jazz Markham, Canada / Jazz, Latin, Music
This custom made station is dedicated to playing the best of great latin jazz artists like Baden Powell, Herbie Mann, The Latin Jazz Quintet & more!
CALM RADIO - Frederick Delius calm radio - frederick delius Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
A station honoring the compositions of English composer Frederick Delius (1862-1934).
CALM RADIO - Symphony calm radio - symphony Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
A Symphonic Masterclass. The classics are captured on this Symphony dedicated radio station!
CALM RADIO - Viola da Gamba calm radio - viola da gamba Markham, Canada / Classical, Music
Capturing the string sounds of the Viola da Gamba, an instrument originally from Spain, most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
CALM RADIO - Erik Satie calm radio - erik satie Markham, Canada / Piano Music, Classical, Music
A dedicated collection of the most famous works of French composer and pianist, Erik Satie (1866-1925).
Generation Zel! Radio generation zel! radio Brantford, Canada / Dance, Hip Hop, House, Top 40, Music
Brantford's Freshest Radio Station, playing Top 40 and Club hits, and the hottest shows around.
GermanLingQ germanlingq West Vancouver, Canada / Podcast, Education, Language
German podcasts of various levels to help you learn German.
Glow 100 glow 100 Little Current, Canada / Dance, Top 40
Glow 100, formerly broadcasting as 100.7 Island FM, is Manitoulin Island’s first and only local radio station broadcasting finest Dance oriented Top 40 music.
Hang10RockRadio hang10rockradio Canada / Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, Music
Hang10RockRadio is your Hard Rock Station with Unlimited listening, 100% Free and the Best Rock! "Non Stop Rock"